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The Credit Union Executive Society asked Deb McLean, VP of Marketing at Charlotte Metro Credit Union, to respond to the following questions. Thanks Deb, for letting Liberty Online share your comments! CUs On the Web

How long has your site been live?
New look–one week! (as of September 2000) Had site since 1997.

What has been the biggest challenge with the site?
Keeping it up to date, dedicating the time to it to keep it interesting and up to date––staying up with the new technology and waiting for the new technology to come down to a reasonable price!

What is the best benefit of the site? For you and for members?
Best benefit of new site for me is control––I can change/edit EVERY SINGLE PAGE. I can add as much artwork or as little as I need. I can make it as bright and colorful as I want and as fun and interactive (check out the chirp on chirp off button!) as I need too.

Best benefit for members? They seem to love the new site, the interactivity, the easy secure loan apps, check reordering and member apps. They love the first page––they see what’s new and happening first glance––no additional clicking required unless they want even more detailed information. I have also "linked" the heck out of it.

We have internal and external links to assist the member in getting where-ever they need to go. For example with my ATM locations I have a link to Mapquest so that a member can find the closest ATM and find out how to get there! I also have links to NO-surcharge ATMs in North Carolina and Star/Visa ATMs nationwide or international. Want to join? Tells you what’s in it for you, then link to a SEG listing to see if you’re eligible then link to the member application site.

Is your site managed in-house, or is it outsourced? If managed in-house, what department is responsible? If out-house, what vendor do you work with?
Liberty Online hosts and supports the site, although I "manage" it personally from a content, design and marketing aspect.

Is home banking/bill payment available?
Home banking has been available since 1998. Bill payment is arriving within just a few months (are we thrilled!!!!!)

What feature will you add next?
Bill payment, "live" online check re-ordering through Liberty in which the member can change the style and look of the check. We just took the Spanish page live this week. I got sick and tired of the "industry" telling me it couldn’t be done. We’ve been working with Liberty Creative to redesign our marketing pieces so I asked them to have the Member Information brochure translated in Spanish. (They are printing the Spanish brochure now.) I then had them email the text of the brochure to me and I simply placed it on site (after I had Liberty Online add the en Espanol button). We have a bi-lingual teller and I asked her to assist me in proof-reading. Once the Spanish brochures are finished, I have already contacted our major SEGs (who are hiring Latinos) and offered them to their benefits departments "to assist them in providing information about the credit union to their new employees." They were thrilled!

Deb McLean
Charlotte Metro CU