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Whether you’re thinking about buying a new or used car or truck, or considering remodeling your home, your first stop should be at Your Financial Institution. We pride ourselves on our low loan rates and easy application process – you can even make loan applications by phone and on-line. And for year-round, round-the-clock convenience, we also offer a 24 hour lending line. Popular MMCU loans include:
  • Home Equity Loans

Borrow for an education, wedding expenses, home improvements, or a new car by using your home’s equity. Our home equity loan has flexible terms, very competitive rates, with rates as low as prime plus 0%, and may qualify for a tax deduction. (Check with your tax advisor for more details.)

  • Secured Loans
We offer insured loans which allow you to use your savings to borrow money at an attractive interest rate.
  • Automobile Loans and Leases
Whether you’re interested in purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle, financing it through Your Financial Institution may be your most affordable option. We offer very competitive rates, convenient terms, and in most cases the ability to finance up to 100% of the vehicle’s purchase price. For hassle-free shopping, our in-house Fleet Department can save you money on your next purchase or lease. Please call for details.
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