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Press Release: 200th Customer Milestone

Liberty Online reaches 200-customer milestone;
Web site design, hosting provider honors three credit unions

Mounds View, MN—Less than two years after its formation, Liberty Online, one of the credit union movement’s leading provider of Web site design and hosting services, has reached the 200-customer mark. Liberty Online has added more than 100 customers over the last 12 months.

Liberty recently honored three credit unions whose agreements were instrumental in enabling the company reach the 200-customer milestone:

Chicago Post Office Employees Credit Union, Chicago
St. Joseph’s Credit Union, San Antonio
Utah Power & Light Employees Credit Union, Salt Lake City

"We’re proud to acknowledge all three valued credit union partners as we reach the 200-customer mark," said Bill Wagner, Liberty Online Internet marketing manager. "As we embark on our third year of service to the credit union movement, we thank all of our customers for their loyal service. We’re determined to develop Web services that help credit unions reach their goals and better serve their members."

As an affiliate of Liberty, the credit union movement’s leading provider of payment systems and marketing services, Liberty Online focuses its efforts on partnering with credit unions to help them grow and better serve their members. Since its debut in mid-1998, Liberty Online has already created more than 200 credit union Web sites. The company offers a variety of Internet solutions for credit unions of all sizes:

CharterBranch® Web site responds to credit union members’ needs quickly, efficiently and affordably. It’s a convenient, functional and easy-to-maintain online presence specifically designed for small credit unions. CharterBranch® serves as the foundation for an effective Internet presence.
PromoBranch® Web site captures members’ attention at the credit union’s doorway and invites them – through promotional messages – inside. It’s an online branch and credit union advertising tool. Purchasing action is evoked through graphics, copy, and links controlled by the credit union.
InfoBranch® Web site opens the credit union’s front door and allows members to take a look inside. It’s an interactive online branch with convenient access to all of your credit union’s products and services–24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Financial calculators, around-the-clock update accessibility, secure loan applications, e-mail accounts and monthly Web site statistics are all features of InfoBranch.
Liberty Online’s E-Business Builders can help credit unions increase their loan volume. Liberty CU Auto Online provides information credit union members value as they make their purchasing decisions. Liberty CU Mortgage Online responds to consumers’ preferred choice for initiating their mortgage process via the Web.

For more information, contact Rick Foy, Liberty public & media relations manager, 800-607-2435, ext. 2436.

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