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Liberty understands that there is nothing more important to a financial institution and its members than making sure financial transactions are secure. We take security very seriously and have developed a very sophisticated security architecture as well as many internal processes and security related procedures.

Security Overview

To protect your data while in transit over the Internet, Liberty Online® uses the strongest available encryption methods through the use of the secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. Encryption protects data from being monitored while it is being transmitted across the Internet. SSL establishes an encryption key between your members web browsers and our Web servers. After the key is established, only the member and server can decode the information transmitted between them.

Liberty Online® has also implemented Server Authentication. Liberty Online® has obtained a Digital Id (also known as a digital certificate) from Verisign, Inc. The Digital Id ensures that the member looking at a page on our server is actually accessing our server. If they are looking at a fraudulent page, their browser will warn them that the digital certificate does not match.

We have structured our network so that the servers which store the Web site content and the financial data are NOT connected directly to the Internet and are secured safely behind our state of the art firewall.

It is important to verify that only authorized users log into our secure 24 X 7 toolbox. We use password verification to ensure user authorization. Liberty Online® servers are also secured at the operating system level, at the database level, and at the Web server level through the use of highly secured internal logins and passwords.

Our switches and routers are locked down to deny access to commonly exploited services. The switches, routers and servers are constantly monitored for any evidence of attempts to compromise our systems.

The Internet and database servers are locked in a secure server room with limited access to closely monitored personnel. The server room is under constant video surveillance.

Liberty Online® routinely hires an independent firm to perform security penetration and intrusion tests to ensure there are no holes in our security.

Liberty employs several in house security experts. They are responsible for making sure Liberty is following all of our security processes and procedures on a daily basis as well as focusing on staying up to date on the latest security issues.

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