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Strategic Alliances
Liberty Online views our strategic alliances as win-win situations for our credit union partners, enabling the credit union to integrate their products and services onto their Web site.

BISYS Retirement Services
Liberty Online has formed a strategic alliance with BISYS Retirement Services as a re-marketing agent of BISYS's web-based
IRA Service Center. BISYS developed the IRA Service Center to provide financial institutions the components necessary to attract and retain the significant retirement dollars in retirement plans which are eligible to be rolled into IRAs. The web-based IRA Service Center will allow your Credit Union members to open IRAs or conduct a number of IRA transactions, such as rollovers, recharacterizations, transfers and withdrawals. In addition, the IRA Service Center has been proven to be an excellent tool for your Credit Union personnel for generating electronic IRA forms or performing calculations.

Chrome Data Corporation
Liberty Online has teamed up with Chrome Systems Corporation,
a company widely recognized as the automotive industry standard for pricing accuracy. Liberty Online will serve as a Chrome Carbook re-marketer to provide our credit union partners with an Internet-based vehicle research and buying tool for your members. While Chrome Carbook can be a tool for your members to use online, your credit union retains ultimate control over the content they view. Many features within Chrome Carbook can be turned on or off, depending on your preference or business model. You can change the background colors and fonts to make Chrome Carbook seamlessly integrate within your own site. Your online customers will think the accurate information is coming from you. Plus, Chrome Carbook can significantly increase your auto loans. Once a customer has finished configuring a vehicle with Chrome Carbook, the customer is led to an online form requesting more information. The form can be emailed directly to your staff for follow-up. The result? A hot lead with all of the auto loan information requested--at your fingertips.

Vertical Innovation
Credit unions may now enhance member communications, develop new distribution channels, create new revenue sources and improve their competitiveness in the online financial marketplace.  Whether managing their personal finances or viewing their favorite content, members can customize whatever is most important to them. This unique capability provides site "stickiness" and properly positions the credit union as an innovative provider of member-oriented solutions. As an integral part of a member relationship management (MRM) program, a financial portal helps the credit union establish two-way communications with its members through the use of real-time, self-administered marketing tools. The financial portal is offered with an optional account aggregation module. Vertical Innovation has partnered with uMonitor, which created Third Generation Personalization technology (3G/P), the industry’s leading technology in account aggregation.


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