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"Creating, developing and implementing our new web site was unexpectedly easy. The PromoBranch template is a great way to start and Liberty was able to accomplish all of our requested customization. I especially like the text editor and the ability to update and change content within minutes…a tremendous time and money-saving feature. The customer service was great. Two thumbs up for all the people who supported the project. Thanks Liberty, for an enjoyable experience and a great web site."
Kristin Dove, Vice President, Marketing
Pacific Service Credit Union

"Simply put, Liberty Online has been a joy to work with. The staff is remarkably positive and responsive. They eliminated all of our worries about designing and implementing our Web site. If all of our vendor partnerships were this positive, we would be able to devote even more time and energy to our main function: serving our members. Thanks to Liberty Online, our Web site is now an integral part of our credit union’s strategic goals."
Peggy Wells, President & CEO
CSC Employees Federal Credit Union

"As one of the first credit unions to use the Internet service from Liberty Online, I cannot thank your company enough for the expertise and professionalism exhibited during the creation of our web site. Your employees worked diligently with my administrative assistant to create a presence on the Internet for our members. We do not have a marketing department, but with the assistance provided by Liberty Online it was not necessary.

Members and non-members are visiting our site everyday, and the volume continues to increase. I am very pleased with the results so far with our web site, and Liberty Online continues to send out new features that will enhance and strengthen our relationship with our members. Congratulations on making our transition to the Internet both easy and gratifying."
Dan Adams, President
Bellwood Federal Credit Union

"Our marketing department grew the equivalent of a dozen employees the day we signed on with Liberty Online. Our Liberty Online Web page is now as current as we want it to be and allows us to experiment with new ideas, test products and services, and communicate with more members than ever before.
Martin Kelly, Vice President of Marketing
Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union

"Liberty Online has been and continues to be the expert we rely upon for our online presence and promotion. Our credit union has made major strides in the past year, and we attribute some of that success to our partnership with Liberty."
Carrie Goulden, Marketing
Campbell Employees Federal Credit Union

"We’ve been extremely happy working with Liberty Online. The staff is very responsive, creative and dynamic, which has made our site a great success. We look forward to an even more successful future on the Web."
Gary Hinrichs, President
West Community Credit Union

"I just wanted to share with you some of the excellent success that our Liberty Online Web site is having. We have been live since April and our members are very excited about the information that is available for them about their credit union. The Web site is allowing our credit union the opportunity to provide daily information to our members. I think the most successful parts of the site are the online loan and member applications. To date we have received 85 loan application from the system. This has created around $700,000 dollars in new loans. The online application is allowing our members the opportunity to start the loan process from their personal computer. We are very excited about the future products that Liberty Online can provide for our credit union members. It has been a great experience to work with you and your company.
Nancy Jansen, Marketing Coordinator
Retail Employees Credit Union

"In the first 10 days our PromoBranch was up we received almost $100,000 in loan applications, over 20,000 hits and many e-mails from happy members. They especially enjoy the calculators and online applications.

Setting up the site was a cinch compared to some of the other programs out there. Our account manager was so helpful and full of ideas. I would definitely recommend Liberty Online to other credit unions!!"
Kathy Rye, Marketing Specialist
Wheatland Federal Credit Union

"Having a Web site is a necessity as far as financial services are concerned for the future. There is a segment of our membership that wants to do business on the Internet. If you can’t provide this service, they will take their business elsewhere.

The quality is worth the investment. Liberty Online is helping us build our site, and they are getting it ready in a timely manner. Plus, they offer us the flexibility to control the content of our site from the credit union"
John Carlson, President & CEO
Sharonview Federal Credit Union

"We are adding a new SEG because they saw our Web site and contacted us through the feedback page. The response from members and other individuals has been great. More of our members than I thought have access to the Internet."
Mary Neglia, CEO
Port Washington Federal Credit Union

"PromoBranch is extremely flexible. Liberty Online makes it easy for us to make updates quickly and change our promotions often. This allows us to use our site for effective cross-selling. Our goal is to create a virtual branch for our members to communicate with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
Jennifer Gibbs, Director of Online Services
Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union

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