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Designed for the active marketing professional.

A PromoBranch® Web site captures attention at your financial institution’s doorway and entices consumers – through promotional messages – inside. It’s both an online branch and advertising tool. Purchasing action is evoked through graphics, copy, and links controlled by you.

PromoBranch® includes all of the exciting benefits of InfoBranch®, plus a lot more:

Three-column Home Page and Main Level Pages
Three-column format increases promotional exposures and consumers’ responses on the Home, Products, Services, Online Services, and What’s New pages. Up to 30 billboards per page can be used to deliver customized messages and links to offers and content deep within the site

Text Plus Editor
Control and update text appearance without having to know HTML. Our Text Plus Editor allows you to control font size, type, color, and alignment; create numbered and bulleted lists; define multiple hyperlinks, and much more!

Banner Ads
Optional advertising space for your e-commerce messages. Choose pre-designed ads from Liberty Online’s® Banner Ad gallery, or provide your own for increased product targeting.

Secure Online Applications
Consumers can apply online for loans, credit cards, ATM/Debit cards and more 24 hours a day, including weekends. With up to seven secure applications available online, you and your applicant can rest assured that their information is safe. A customizable Feedback form also offers increased convenience.

Extensive graphics library easily controlled through the 24 X 7 Toolbox.

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