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What does Liberty Online do to help a financial institution get started on the Internet?
Liberty Online is dedicated to helping your financial institution throughout the entire process. We will help you select an ISP. We will help you select a domain name and register that name with Internic. Your account manager will provide any technical assistance necessary to successfully develop a high-powered Web site.

Do I need to hire a technical person to keep up our web site?
No, anyone who can use a Word Processor can maintain a Web site by Liberty Online. Simple and easy to use, the 24 X 7 Toolbox completely eliminates the need for your own specialized staff for programming skills or technical expertise.

Who will help me set up our Web site and keep it fresh?
Each credit union we partner with receives a personal touch from an account manager who is dedicated to assisting you from start to finish and throughout the life of your Web site.

We don't have a current ISP, how can we get one?
Your Liberty Online Account Manager will help you locate an Internet Service Providers in your area - all you need to do is ask!

How long does it take to get our Web site up and running?
With Liberty Online, getting your Web site ready for the world is simple and exciting! Working together, your site can be ready for action in less than 60 days!

Is there any training required?
During the development of the Web site your account manager will walk you through a one-on-one, two-hour review of our distinct and easy to use "24 X 7 Toolbox" on the Internet. Our account managers are your single point of contact for future reference as well.

What steps has Liberty Online taken to assure security on the web site for our account holders?
Security on the Internet is everyone's primary concern. Liberty hosts and maintains every aspect of your Web site including all the latest security technology to maintain confidentiality with account holders' sensitive information.

How do I find out if the Domain Name I want is available?
Ask a Liberty Online Account Manager to check to see if the domain name you are interested in is available.

Can you help register our site with search engines?
Yes. For an additional fee, your Account Manager will work with you to get the best response possible from over 300 search engines.

Can I add custom areas to our Web site?
Yes, Liberty Online welcomes customization of Web sites. An hourly rate would apply to these changes.

Can we add our newsletter, including graphics, to the Web site?
Yes, for an additional fee. Contact Liberty Online for a custom quote.

Can I update the rates and text on our Web site from my PC?
Yes! With Liberty Online's unique "24 X 7 Toolbox" you can update all of your product, service, and rate information quickly and easily.

Can I control the graphics and images on our Web site?
With Liberty Online's PromoBranch Web product, the "24 X 7 Toolbox" enables you to select graphics and images for your site by simply pointing and clicking in a custom and standard image gallery.

Can our account holders securely reorder checks?
Yes! Included with every Web site we develop is an easy to use check reordering application and online catalog.

Can our customers email me from the web site?
We will set up five email aliases for different departments or individuals within your financail institution to receive messages from existing and prospective customers.

Can I track the activity on our web site?
Yes. Liberty Online makes it easy for you to keep your Board informed of the success of your Web site. Detailed monthly activity and traffic analysis reports of Web site usage allow you to analyze consumer usage, track trends, and adjust the site to maximize product and service exposure.

Can we link to other companies in our community?
An entire page on your Web site is reserved for links to be set up with companies and organizations of your choice.

How many calculators can be used?
30 different financial calculators will let your account holders determine anything from how much they will need to retire, to what how much financing their auto loan with you will save them.

Can I upgrade our Web site as I become more comfortable with the Internet?
Yes! Liberty Online is committed to staying abreast of the most current developments in Internet technology. We are continually developing solutions for ever-changing Internet needs.

What kind of support is available to help market our Web site?
Liberty has a host of product and service options that you can benefit from. Whether you are looking for Point of Purchase displays or a direct mail campaign, Liberty has a solution to help you market every aspect of your credit union.

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