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Delivers the power and dynamics of the internet.

An InfoBranch Web site opens the front door to your financial institution and allows people to take a look inside.  It's an interactive online branch with convenient access to all of your products and services.

InfoBranch features:

Up to 117 Full-Featured Web Pages
Use as many or as few Web pages as you need.  With our full-featured Web site, nearly every aspect of your financial institution's services can be presented online... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Distinct Visual "Themes"
Want your Web site to stand out from the rest?  Liberty Online will work with you to create custom graphics, backgrounds, banners, and buttons, resulting in a unique and distinct look for your financial institution.

24 X 7 Toolbox
Quickly and easily update text and rates anytime with no extra cost.

Text Plus Editor
Control and update text appearance without having to know HTML. Our Text Plus Editor allows you to control font size, type, color, and alignment; create numbered and bulleted lists; define multiple hyperlinks, and much more!  

Dedicated Account Manager
Included with your Liberty Online Web site is unlimited access to your dedicated Account Manager for support, training, new ideas, technical help and a wealth of Internet knowledge.

Up to 30 Financial Calculators
Consumers can use our financial calculators to retrieve information about car loans, investments, savings, mortgage loans and more.  With these useful calculators, your Web site will be your customers' best source for financial information on the Web.  A guaranteed bookmark!

Secure Online Applications
Consumers can apply online for loans, credit cards, ATM/Debit cards and more 24 hours a day, including weekends.  With up to seven secure applications available online, you and your applicant can rest assured that their information is safe.

Extensive graphics library easily controlled through the 24 X 7 Toolbox.

Monthly Web Site Statistics
Want to know how your site is doing?  We'll provide you with the data you need to track the effectiveness of your Web site.  With Liberty Online, you'll not only impress your members, but your CFO too!



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